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my experience with baby attachment & bonding

I get comments quite a bit about how attached Emmy is to me. Sometimes in a sweet “she’s such a mama’s girl!” sense…but sometimes it can be said in a slightly negative way. I’ve been wondering about this concept of attachment and how I should feel about how clingy Emmy is to her mama.

But let me start at the beginning to give some background. When Emmy was first born, I was instantly in love with her! But I know I’m not the only mama out there who may have experience what I did – I didn’t feel an immediately strong bond with Emmy in the very beginning. Sure, I was attempting to breastfeed her those first couple of days, but for the most part, my husband Luke or my mom were doing all the diapers in the early days of her life and I felt pretty useless. But as the months went on and after Luke went back to work when Emmy was 6 weeks old, it was all on me. And it was hard, but I loved it! And Emmy quickly grew a VERY strong attachment to me.

We bonded so well and she soon clung to me for so much comfort. She went through a phase for a little while where she would not let anyone else hold her except for me and Luke (even sometimes she didn’t want Luke but only wanted to be with me). Only I could put her to sleep, feed her and comfort her. I started to feel insecure about whether or not this was normal and how we would navigate the transition into daycare with this strong attachment. I wondered to myself, would putting her in daycare ruin what we have? Will she become more attached to her teachers than to me? Will she not love me as much as she does now?


Thankfully, that was not the case at all! Of course the first few weeks were difficult (more-so for me than for her). I bawled my eyes out the first day knowing I wasn’t there to comfort her or love on her when she needed it. But as the weeks went on, she FLOURISHED! And guess what? She still loves her mama just as much as when I was with her 24/7. I think our bond is even stronger now than it was before and being with her daycare teachers is helping her to grow in so many ways. She’s become a very confident and independent little girl who still loves her mama!

I’m so blessed to have a such a strong bond with my little girl and my prayer is that we will always have a great connection as she continues to grow. I just wanted to share my experience in this to share with other mama’s and say that it’s okay if your baby is very attached to you, this is not a negative thing. It’s a huge blessing and God made you to be your baby’s mom, no one else. That’s pretty special if you ask me!

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